Why Eat Organic?

Why Eat Organic? Image
We have a new organic section! It has been one of the top requested things by our customers, and we listen, so we made it happen! 

Now people are seeing our new organic section for the first time, and they are wondering if eating organic is right for them. We can help! Here are some facts about organic food, to help you decide.

1. What is 'organic'?

The term 'organic farming' was actually coined in 1939, but it would only gain popularity in the 70's and beyond. In the US we get our current rules from a law, the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990.

2. Crop certification

According to the law, for crops to be certified organic they must follow strict guidelines:


  • Must be grown on land that has been free of prohibited pesticides and substances for at least three years before harvest
  • Consistent careful management of soil fertility
  • Correct dispersal of manure
  • Use prevention as the first form of pest control
  • Must have buffer zones that protect from the flow of unwanted substances from nearby farms


3. Livestock certification

In order for livestock to be certified organic it must:
  • Be fed organic food
  • Growth hormones, promoters or plastic pellets in food are prohibited
  • Vitamins and minerals are permitted
  • Animals cannot be overcrowded
  • Animals must be given allotted time outdoors in direct sunlight
  • Antibiotics may not be used routinely
  • Records must be kept on these practices for each animal or flock of animals


4. What are the benefits?

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are benefits to organic eating, including small to moderate increases in some nutrients, and lower levels of residual pesticides, though the low level of residual pesticides on conventionally grown food is already deemed safe. Some claim organic food tastes better too, but that has not been scientifically proven.


5. Is it right for me? 

That is for each shopper to decide for themselves, but we are proud to provide a choice! Do you eat organic? Have you tried our organic section? Let us know in the comments what you think!