Apple Guide

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It's apple season, and we have plenty of varieties, no matter what your favorite is! Homegrown 20 ounce apples: HG_20oz20 Ounce apples are great for cooking, especially in a nice pie, or applesauce!   Homegrown Cortland apples: HG_CortlandCortland apples are an excellent dessert apple, very sweet with a little bit of tartness. Homegrown Gala apples: HG_GalaGala apples are great to eat raw or on a salad. Homegrown Honeycrisp apples: HG_HoneycrispSweet, tart, and incredibly crisp, Honeycrisp apples are true to their name! Honeycrisp is a favorite around here, and if you haven't tried the variety yet, try it and you will be a believer too! Homegrown McIntosh apples:HG_MacintoshA New York staple, McIntosh apples are great to eat raw or cook with!   Homegrown Zestar apples: HG_Zestar Zestar apples are crisp, sweet and tart!