Be The Big Cheese (and Win)!

Be The Big Cheese (and Win)! Image

We're giving away $25 gift cards to two different food cut-out photo submissions, if you enter before June 30th! June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, and also Dairy Month! It's the perfect month to celebrate Carrot Cutie, Grape Guy, Gouda Girl, Banana Buddy, Broccoli Boy, and The Big Cheese! You may recognize those names as the cut-out food characters who are always waiting at both of your local Niagara Produce stores for the perfect time for a photo op - and that time is now! We want to see your face as one of the foods! NCP Cut-out!   To enter: Just take a picture of your face in one of our cut-outs, and submit it to or tweet @NiagaraProduce to our Twitter page You can also email it to You can enter up to twice, one at each store. The foods are different in each cut-out!     The cut-outs are a way to get kids something fun to do at the store that may just get them a little bit more interested in eating carrots if they were a Carrot Cutie, or broccoli if they were Broccoli Boy. They can also be fun for adults, they're great for a photo opportunity at any age! Lockport Store Cut-out Fine Print: 1. Two $25 gift cards will be awarded to two entrants who take pictures in the cut-outs and submit the photos to the contest through Facebook, Twitter, or emailing 2. Winner is responsible for checking back to see if they won. 3. No purchase necessary and void where prohibited. Prize can only be the gift cards. We reserve the right to modify the giveaway at any time. 4. When the winners are announced, winners must pick up the prizes at Niagara County Produce at 8555 Transit Rd, or make alternative arrangements. Winners (or anyone else) can email with any questions, and winners must collect the prize by 12/31/2015 or it is forfeited. 5. Niagara Produce reserves the right to withhold prizes if there are not enough qualified entrants. Each entrant may only win one $25 gift card. 6. Niagara Produce reserves the right to re-publish your photos for any reason, including the post that announces the winners. 7. Contest will end and winner will be announced June 30th. Good luck!