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Niagara County Produce should be's Best Big Garden Store. If you agree, click here and vote for us! Write in 'Niagara County Produce' on the 6th page of the survey. You don't have to fill in every space, but vote for your WNY favorites while you're there! Lots of plants Here's why we should win:   1. The Hanging Gardens of Niagara Produce We have so many flowers and plants sometimes that we have to hang them from the rafters! This video is from April 2014. We have had these amazing new greenhouses for over 2 years, and we had the original greenhouses for even longer! 2. Making gardens great for over 24 years! You may remember the old greenhouses. The first was built in 1992. We had many great seasons and many great memories there, until they were taken down when we moved to our new building and new greenhouses. To keep the greenhouses 'green' until the end, we even had 100% of recyclable parts of the greenhouses recycled! 3. We're not just there for summertime! Christmas trees We have Christmas trees in the winter, bulbs in the fall, indoor plants all year, and, well, everything you love in the summer. 4. "Drive in" isn't just for the movies anymore! Tree loading dock In our new building we have an amazing feature: We can load your vehicle for you, if you're getting large or heavy things that you can't lift. Get your Christmas tree loaded up, or several bags of dirt or mulch, or anything you need loaded! ----- We love bringing these features to our customers, and we will always keep providing the best service and features. That's why we think we're WNY's Best Big Garden Store, and if you agree, we hope you vote for us in this poll!