Christmas Image

Christmas is coming! As you prepare for one of the biggest holidays of the year, the majority of people will need a wide variety of things. A tree, a wreath, some poinsettias for a centerpiece, some eggnog punch for a drink, and then, the best part, some food! Well, of course, Niagara Produce has you covered for all of those things. On our Facebook poll, ham ran away with the "December holiday meat of choice" votes. Go get 'em, ham. One request from me: If you're sitting down to eat your ham dinner in the next few days, bring the mustard. If you're looking to honey glaze your ham (as you should), bring the honey. I love the glowing honey stand. You want honey? We got honey. Honey is under-appreciated. It doesn't spoil, and it's an amazing topping. I put it in oatmeal, and in tea, and on toast. It also goes on honey glazed ham, of course. So, from all of us at Niagara Produce, happy holidays!