Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway

Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway Image

Easter is coming, and spring is coming! To celebrate, we're giving away a 10lb Easter bunny, a 1/2 spiral 10lb hickory smoked ham, polish sausage, and a $20 gift certificate! egg-hunt There will be entry forms hidden around the stores, in the spirit of a traditional egg hunt! Can you find each 'egg'? There will be four different giveaways at Niagara County Produce on Transit, and one at Niagara Produce of Lockport. Winners will be selected on 3/25, so be sure to enter in each one before then! You just have to provide your name and phone number so we can contact you. Entries are only available in-store. Here are the different items:

  1. A 2 foot tall, 10lb milk chocolate Easter bunny, made by Platter's.
  2. A 1/2 spiral 10lb hickory smoked ham.
  3. A $20 gift certificate towards the purchase of produce
  4. At both locations, 3lbs of fresh Polish sausage and 3 14oz packages of smoked Polish sausage, from Wardynski's. There will be 2 winners at each store for this one!

Can you find all 5 entry areas hidden around the stores? Good luck!