Football Returns!

Football Returns! Image
Football season is upon us, as Wednesday, September 5th, is the first game of the season. The Bills play September 9th. Sundays are going to get a lot more exciting. I'm a football fan so I'm looking forward to seeing the new-and-improved defense from the Bills. I'm also a food fan, so I'm looking forward to football snacks! Being the Bills, obviously the first look is Buffalo Wing Dip. Chip dip that can be snacked on during the game. Other options similar to this include salsa (check out the September Recipe of the Month coming out 9/1), guacamole, or cheese and crackers. But I like some novelty to my football-based snacks. Towards that end, I saw these football-looking mini subs. Be sure to do the cross-hatching to make the meatball look like a football. That is clearly the best part. Just because training camp is over, doesn't mean we can let ourselves go. For those of us trying to keep in football shape, there's a fine array of possibilities. Try out these oven-fried zucchini sticks. There's also these beer-battered, pan-fried, New England fried shrimp. PSA: You know what goes well with beer-battered things? Beer. Particularly the same beer. For taste reasons, and because you probably want a nice beer flavor if you're beer-battering, try out a nicer craft beer for this. Do you have any standard football treats?