Local Economics

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A study by the New Economics Foundation in London found that every £10 spent at a local food business is worth £25 for the local area, compared with just £14 when the same amount is spent in a supermarket.  That is, a pound (or dollar, peso, or rupee) spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy.  The farmer buys a drink at the local pub; the pub owner gets a car tune-up at the local mechanic; the mechanic brings a shirt to the local tailor; the tailor buys some bread at the local bakery; the baker buys wheat for bread and fruit for muffins from the local farmer.  When these businesses are not owned locally, money leaves the community at every transaction."

-Brian Halweil, Eat Here

As a locally owned company that also buys locally, Niagara Produce is doing what it can for the local economy, as all local businesses should.

People often overlook the economic side of the "Eat Local" movement. Local food is fresher, tastes better, is less likely to be contaminated, and uses less gas to get to you, but it also spurs the local economy.