Recipe of the Month - September 2013

Recipe of the Month - September 2013 Image

Grilled Peaches and Cream! This is a quick, fast, and easy recipe, perfect for the end of summer. The combination of sweetness, temperature, and texture makes it a great treat for dessert or a mid-day snack. The recipe only has 4 ingredients, and the instructions are as easy as can be. Try it out! Source: Grilled Peaches and Cream 4 Peaches, halved and pitted 2 tbsp honey 1 cup cream cheese 1 tbsp vegetable oil (Optional) Your favorite nuts 1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat. 2. Brush peaches with light coat of oil. Place pit side down onto the grill for 5 minutes, or until surfaces have nice grill marks. 3. Turn the peaches over and drizzle with honey. Place a dollop of cream cheese where peach pit used to be. Drizzle remaining honey on top and keep peaches on grill until cream cheese warms (2-3 minutes). If you have ideas for improving this recipe, questions or comments, or pictures of yourself enjoying it, tweet @niagaraproduce or post a message on Facebook!