Something I Found At Niagara Produce

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A story by David Cooper This is a story about an ice cream. Shortly after I turned 21, a friend recommended I try a stout-style beer. Stouts are dark and rich and taste of chocolate and black coffee, two of my favorite things. Stouts have a malty sweetness which is unapologetic, overwhelming the often-counterbalancing hops. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Or, well, sweet teeth. Like all of them. That explains the love of stouts, the love of chocolate, and the love of ice cream. Oh yeah, and the love of all of those things combined. Wait for it... Ellicottville Stout ice cream, by Lake Effect. Goodness. Stout in an ice cream. With chocolate bits. I shared it with my college roommate and my girlfriend. To quote my girlfriend: "deeelicious." My college roommate noted "a hint of coffee and carbonation," which is true, somehow. I'm not exactly sure how you taste carbonation in an ice cream. Maybe it was just a sensing, like when you know someone is looking at you behind your back. The part you don't think about is the chocolate bits that give it texture and...a goal? I'm not sure how to say this, but it's very satisfying to get all those little chocolate dust particles. I recommend you take a hard look at that picture, too. Loganberry ice cream? Frozen hot chocolate? Lake Effect does some solid work. I haven't had the other flavors...yet.