Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Image

I was at the fair the other day, and one of the stalls was selling sweet corn. I know what sweet corn is, but it was the fair, and the stalls on each side of the sweet corn stall were selling deep fried cookie dough and sugared fried dough, respectively. I thought it would be sweetened corn. I thought it would somehow be deep fried or frosted in some way. This was not the case. I got a cob, it was dunked into a crock pot of molten butter, and I ate it. Not as good as Niagara Produce's own. As you see in the photo above, there's ice on the corn to keep it cool. When sweet corn heats up, the sugars that make it "sweet" corn turn to starch. Starch, while being great for keeping your shirts firm, and forming non-Newtonian fluid when mixed with water, is not as tasty as sugar. The shift from sugar to starch makes the corn taste worse. This is an argument against buying your corn at a chain store like Walmart or Tops. They truck their corn around the country, and in all that time the sugar is converting to starch, the quality is reducing, and the taste is going out the window. That's why it's important to buy your corn fresh and local.