Top 5 April Fool's Day Prank Recipes

Top 5 April Fool's Day Prank Recipes Image

April 1st is April Fool's Day, a day that loves a prank! Are you looking for a trick to play on some unsuspecting friend? Here is a list of our favorites:

1. Food Coloring Prank [caption id="attachment_4329" align="aligncenter" width="241"]Green egg prank From Martha Stewart[/caption] This one is easy and completely harmless, but it may freak out your intended target! The idea is simply to add food coloring until the food is unrecognizable. You can make your milk blue, or eggs green, or oatmeal red!

2. Wrong Recipe Prank

There are lots of crazy ways to make your food look like one thing and taste like another. In the above video, that's rice krispie treats that look like chicken wings. I've also seen things like mashed potatoes with raisins made to look like chocolate chip cookies, or pound cake and frosting made to look like a grilled cheese. Your target will be very surprised when they bite in to one of these! If you have a recipe that tastes like one thing and looks like another, share it in the comments!

3. Replacing the Sugar Prank

This one is particularly devious, because it deals with something very vital: Morning coffee. This can be done at home or at work, anywhere where there's sugar sitting around for coffee. Here's the prank: In the morning, before anyone else is up or at work, replace the sugar with salt. They won't be able to tell the difference when they put it in the coffee...but they will tell the difference in taste! For an upgrade in deviousness, you could replace the sugar with crushed up Alka Seltzer, or Galeffi Effervescent. The coffee will begin to fizz when they add it, and it will be very confusing.

4. Cereal Confusion Prank

This can be done with what you have in your house already. If you have multiple boxes of cereal open, switch all of the inside bags, and watch the confusion when the target tries to pour their favorite cereal and gets something completely different! If you are the one pouring cereal for your kids or significant other, there's still a prank for you! Try pouring the cereal the night before, and then freeze it in the freezer overnight! Their cereal will look the same as it always does, but they will be unable to move the spoon.

5. Jell-O Drink Prank

Jello Prank This one is simple, but clever. Make Jell-O as normal, but pour it into clear cups instead of a tray. Stick a straw in, and let it cool in the fridge. You now have a cup that looks like it's full of fruit juice, but it's actually full of Jell-O! Your target will try to sip out of it, but be completely unable to! As a bonus, you can make it up to them by letting them eat the Jell-O! Those are our 5 favorite pranks! What is yours? What pranks have you done? Will you be trying one of these? Let us know in the comments!