Top 5 Things To Do With A Mason Jar

Top 5 Things To Do With A Mason Jar Image

Mason jars are great. They last a long time, they're good for storage, they're recyclable in more ways than one, and they're multipurpose. What's the best way to use them? Let's run down some ideas:

5. Arts and crafts

You can make decorations or containers for anything out of mason jars!

4. Make butter

It's a fun and easy thing to do, it's delicious, and it doesn't even take that long!  

3. Make cold brew coffee

Cold brewing coffee is a lot easier than you may think. It takes time, but it doesn't take a lot of gear or know-how like an espresso machine does. Cold brew is better than iced coffee on cold days because the coffee was always cold, instead of a hot coffee watered down with ice. It's less acidic, and many people think it's more tasty! All you need to do is put ground coffee and cold water in a mason jar, seal it, and wait. You can wait overnight, or aim for about 12 hours. Then strain the coffee grounds out with a coffee filter or cheesecloth, into another mason jar, and the coffee is done! You can then store it for later, or drink it on the spot!

2. Salad in a jar


Mason jars are great for reusing, even daily or weekly! If you layer the salad ingredients in the right way, they all stay fresh and ready for you to shake up into a delicious salad. You can make your own choices for ingredients or find some suggestions online!

1. Canning!

Canning supplies!

Canning is a fun thing to do at home, and it provides a lot of benefits. It's an affordable way to keep delicious food throughout the year. Canned food make good gifts. It's less wasteful to buy local food and keep it around. It's also a great craft that can (pun!) make you feel good! Give it a try and go get that canning gear going!   Those are some great ideas for what you can do with a mason jar, but let us know in the comments what your favorite thing is! Which of these five do you like? What others would you add?